Direct Commission

Perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, and businesses seeking a unique custom design for the home, place of business, or special venue. Customer focus and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to ensure the completed design exceeds all expectations. Any subject is possible, including landmarks, buildings, figures/sculptures, logos, picture mosaics, and unique decor. The wonder of LEGO® is if you can imagine it, you can build it!

Pricing will vary depending on factors such as timeframe, size, and complexity of the commissioned work. Design and construction costs are paid by the client within agreed terms with the artist.

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Commission Work and Requests

Custom, hand-crafted, original sculptures, mosaics, and decor designed and built only with original LEGO® pieces. Each design is available as a plan in official LEGO-style formatting, as a complete build-it-yourself set, or as a completed sculpture.

What We Offer

Visions In Brick was founded in 2012 by LEGO® artist Cameron Bethel. The goal is to provide extremely realistic LEGO® sculptures, mosaics, and decor at prices that are affordable for fans, enthusiasts, collectors, and businesses.

Each design is meticulously created for a truly elite and "museum quality" presentation that captures the essence and every possible detail of the original subject.

If you seek a unique sculpture, mosaic/picture, or decor item that will excite, inspire, and amaze kids and adults alike, Visions In Brick is sure to deliver! Don't delay in adding that extra "wow" factor to your home, place of business, or special venue.

About the Company

Sometimes it isn't feasible nor affordable for the average collector and/or small business to commission a unique custom creation. However, anyone may request specific creations of a desired size and scope that they would like to see the artist create. This is more of a "wish-list" request where the actual design and development is at the artist's discretion. Should the request appeal to the artist and/or a sufficient number of fans, the design may be realized and eventually made available for purchase as a plan, build-it-yourself set, and completed sculpture.


There is never a charge to make a request. However, the pricing of any completed project will be a factor of the size, complexity, and level of detail. However, the final price is much less than commissioned work since the artist covers the design costs.


Please inquire below for more information.

Design Requests

Custom Designs

Growing up in Ohio and southwest Florida, Cameron always enjoyed painting, drawing, and other traditional forms of art. However, things truly “clicked” for Cameron when he was introduced to LEGO® in his early childhood and it quickly became his toy of choice. No other toy can truly capture the imagination and excitement of children and adults alike, and also possess nearly limitless possibilities for expressing creativity. Later, Cameron attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida where he earned a degree in Computer Engineering. Cameron works professionally as a software engineer and systems architect where he has developed breakthrough products in simulation and finance industries. While working his "day job", Cameron rediscovered LEGO® as adult, but this time not as a toy, but rather as a medium to combine his engineering precision and attention to detail with his artistic creativity. With his devotion to scale, detail, and perfection, Cameron elevates an extraordinary toy to even more extraordinary fine art!

About the Artist