When LEGO® released the Statue of Liberty #3450 set in 2000, it was missing one key element, the iconic pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands. In real life, the statue stands at 151 feet tall and the pedestal adds another 89 feet. Therefore, more than 1/3 of what most people think of as the Statue of Liberty was missing from the original LEGO® #3450 model. I could not allow such a magnificent Lady to not be placed upon her pedestal. Therefore, in the spring of 2012 I began to design and build a quality pedestal model to properly complete the LEGO® Statue of Liberty #3450 set.

Nearly every detail of the pedestal that could be captured with official LEGO® pieces has been accurately reproduced in this exquisite design. The entire model is designed to be properly scaled to fit with the LEGO® Statue of Liberty #3450 model. The combined models create a truly impressive final presentation that is certain to add that special “WOW” factor wherever it is displayed! The balconies, brick patterns, shield details, slopes, columns, and many more features have all been faithfully recreated. Typically many LEGO® models are designed “studded” in appearance. However, this particular model was designed to eliminate the appearance of LEGO® piece studs. This “stud-less” look adds an incredible level of realism to the final model. Viewers will be truly astounded when they realize that all of the detail was actually captured entirely from LEGO® pieces. This is a museum quality piece that is sure to amaze and delight!

The pedestal model is constructed of 6,193 pieces, plus 19 pieces for an optional display/description plate. Combined, the entire pedestal set is 6,212 pieces! The model is approximately 15” (384 mm) wide, 15” (384 mm) deep, and 19 ¾” (501 mm) tall. The weight is approximately 17.21 lbs (7.8 kg). When combined with the LEGO® Statue of Liberty #3450 model, which itself is 33” (838 mm) tall, the overall presentation proudly stands at nearly 53” (4 feet 5 inches or 1.34 meters) and weighs approximately 27 lbs (12.24 kg)!

Depending on the time of day and lighting, the stones of the real Statue of Liberty Pedestal can appear a variety of colors. Other builders that have done pedestal designs have typically used tan LEGO® pieces, but I usually think of the pedestal in some shade of gray. Therefore, the model was designed and built using the light bluish gray color (LBG), which is also known as LEGO® medium stone grey. However, the design is flexible enough to allow it to be built using a variety of color choices.

This is an advanced model similar to official LEGO® architecture and landmark sets such as: #3450 Statue of Liberty, #10181 Eiffel Tower, #10189 Taj Mahal, #10214 Tower Bridge, #10234 Sydney Opera House.

Don’t hesitate to proudly display this amazing national monument and reconstruction of a piece of American history, accurately scaled and magnificently detailed.

The design has been carefully revised to optimize piece selection for strength, ease of construction, and cost of materials while still delivering an unequaled level of detail in the final presentation. Many hours have gone into both the design and the instructions/plans to build this model. The design, images, documentation, instructions/plans, etc… produced for this model are all copyrighted material. So you are asked to respect these copyrights and:

DO NOT share and/or distribute the plans through any means, such as but not limited to hard copies, websites, forums, etc…
DO NOT copy or reproduce for any purpose other than personal use.
DO NOT resell or auction (such as an eBay auction) the plans.

The model design, custom instructions and all related materials are copyright protected. Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution of this design and related materials, in any format, modified or unmodified, is strictly prohibited.

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PIECES:             6,193

DIMENSIONS:  15” L x 15” W x 19 ¾” H

WEIGHT:            17.25 lbs

MODEL#:            LDMK0001

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                                 Build-it-Yourself Set:    15 business days

                                 Design Instructions:     24-48 hours

                                 Completed Sculpture:  30 business days 

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                                 Build-it-Yourself Set:    $150 USD

                                 Completed Sculpture:  $225 USD