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PIECES:              22,995

DIMENSIONS:  45 ¼” L x 10” W x 38 ¼” H

WEIGHT:            78.97 lbs

MODEL#:           LDMK0002


Whether residential or commercial, a building’s architecture makes a statement. At 18 Broad Street in New York City, you’ll see one of the most famous buildings in the world – The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)®. With its grand scale, the design of this iconic building and historical landmark was inspired by Roman neoclassical architecture.

The grand façade of the NYSE® was designed to be as imposing as it is impressive. Rising more than ten stories above the sidewalk, you can see the six fluted Corinthian columns steadily rise from a seven-bay-wide podium set between two rectangular pilasters. The columns are backed by the iconic wall of windows overlooking the trading floor known as “the Garage”. The portico contains the ornate entablature and frieze baring “New York Stock Exchange”®. The triangular pediment contains the symbolic statuary "Integrity Protecting the Works of Man" by John Quincy Adams Ward. The columns and pediment are surmounted by a cornice composed of an egg and dart molding and regularly spaced carved lion heads, setting off a balustrade parapet. The building is completed with the ornate entrance with balustrade balcony at 18 Broad Street. The NYSE® building is designed to appear stable, strong, and well-balanced, to symbolize the strength and security as the center of the American financial community and world economies.

This sculpture, created entirely from 22,995 official LEGO® pieces, captures nearly every possible ornate feature of this iconic building façade. At 45 ¼” L x 10” W x 38 ¼” H and weighing approximately 79 lbs, the scale and extreme attention to detail used to design this sculpture creates an awe-inspiring presentation that captures the grandness of the real building. Advanced design and building techniques were used to avoid showing LEGO® piece studs and further enhance the realism which results in a museum-quality completed sculpture. The more you study the sculpture you’ll continue to be amazed with the multitude of subtle details, such as the accurate brick-lay pattern of the walls, the fluted design of the columns, the realism of the wall of windows, the reproduction of the pediment statues, and the creation of the “New York Stock Exchange”® name entirely from LEGO® pieces.


The design of the NYSE building façade is a trademark owned by NYSE Group, Inc. used under license. NYSE does not sponsor or endorse this site.  

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                                 Completed Sculpture:  40 business days 

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