How does it work?


A referral reward is provided to an individual that successfully markets VISIONS IN BRICK to a customer resulting in the completed sale of a VISIONS IN BRICK design (build-it-yourself set, completed sculpture, or commissioned project). You receive one reward for EACH product sold. If you refer a customer that purchases 5 sets, you will receive the reward amount for each set. If you refer a customer that commissions a custom design, you will receive a reward for a percentage of that commission. The referral reward amount will vary depending on the product and/or commission and will be shown on the specific product page, but typically the reward will be 10% of the listed product value. Note that design instruction/plan products do not qualify for referral rewards.

  1. ​​You receive one reward for EACH qualified product sold within the customer transaction. The reward amount is specific to each type of product sold. See the specific product page for exact referral reward amount.

  2. When a customer purchases a qualified product, they should provide your full name and email address so that you can be contacted to receive your reward.

  3. If a referral contact is not provided by the customer at the time of purchase VISIONS IN BRICK will request this information from the customer after the purchase.

  4. If a customer can not provide the proper referral information within 5 business days of their purchase date the referral reward will no longer be valid for that transaction.

  5. Referral rewards are only issued through PayPal transactions. If you would like to participate in the referral rewards program you should create a PayPal account at

  6. VISIONS IN BRICK will contact the referer at the email address provided by the customer to confirm the reward and their valid PayPal account information to send the reward.

  7. Referral rewards are only issued to a single person per transaction.

  8. Referral rewards are only processed after the customer has completed their purchase.

  9. Referral rewards are only processed after the customer has completed their purchase.

Contact for any additional questions.
Please don’t hesitate to spread the word of VISIONS IN BRICK. The more you help socialize our products and grow our business the more we can all share in the rewards! Thank you for your support!

Everyday VISIONS IN BRICK is excited to see all the sharing of our work and the enthusiasm of our customers and fans for all things LEGO®!  Whether it’s done online or face-to-face, the positive energy, appreciation, and encouragement are a huge part of why such care is taken to producing the best quality LEGO® designs possible and creating amazing conversation pieces for years to come!


To say thank you to our customers, fans, and supporters, VISIONS IN BRICK is glad to provide a special referral rewards program for those that are willing to support our business and artistic endeavors. It is easy to talk about things you love, but it doesn’t hurt if you can make a some extra money by helping VISIONS IN BRICK continue to grow. So  mention us face-to-face, email, tweet about us, like us on Facebook, or use any other way to get the word out!